Here are some of the lovely reviews people have written for the Raise Your Grade book. Taken from Amazon reviews and direct customer feedback. Want to review the book?  why not leave a review on amazon

At last. A revision tool that suits all levels of learning

Rating: 5

This book is so different from other revision guides on the shelves. It is visually engaging, written in a style that encourages the reader to want to read more, which is very important. To make the subject matter that interesting is a real achievement and the writing style cannot fail to attract students at all levels. Brilliant piece of work.


Nothing else like it...

Rating: 5

This book is exactly what we were looking for; a simple and practical revision guide that walks a student through each step of the process without becoming tedious or condescending.

Its written really well and the PUMP steps are easy to understand and follow. It puts all of the things that I remember helping me during exam times into an approach that a teen can read without feeling that their parents are lecturing them into revising.

Couple of other things that are really nice about this book. The author has filled every chapter with her personality which means that an otherwise dry description of revision timetables becomes quite readable. Also, some nice anecdotes and personal stories help break up the chapters and keep it interesting as well as instructive.

The best thing about it is that a simple and inspirational message runs throughout; “If I get an pass exams, so can you”. You might think I’m being cheesy when I say ‘inspirational’ but read the introduction from the author where she tells her own story and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Top book to give any teen who is about to start exams; should be included in the National Curriculum.


Brilliant advice for any student,

Rating: 5

Easy to read and well written. A must read for any student currently revising or looking for a good revision strategy for upcoming exams. This book doesn’t waste time on the theories of revision but gets straight down to the point of how to do it. Exactly what a student needs.


Excellent study guide

Rating: 5

I really liked this book. It tells you how to study effectively with methods that don’t waste your valuable time when exams are looming. It also has useful tips on dealing with the stress that comes with revision and exams. I would recommend this book to any student wanting to get the best grades possible.

Marilyn Medway-welch


Rating: 5

Oh my goodness if this book had been available when I was preparing for exams I know I would have done so much better, the book is easy to read it keeps you interested and the way it sets out the way to remember and learn is a very good idea (PUMP) it’s a good price and a handy size a must have for all students getting ready to sit exams, it sort of makes revising fun rather than a chore. My daughter has started reading it and is going to tell her friends their Mum should get them the book as it is easy to follow.