Revision Planners

Wherever you are on the Librarian/Laidback spectrum, revision definitely calls for some kind of organisation.
If you’re not really a checklist and tick-box kind of person, it might be time to morph into one, just for the next few weeks.


Revision Topic Tracker

To stay on top of your revision, track your progress and give yourself a regular sense of completion, it really helps to have a system.
I recommend using this one:
a Revision Topic Tracker for each of your exam subjects.

PDF, 210kb

Free Download

Exam Countdown Planner

The Exam Countdown Planner covers the whole revision period right up until your last exam. Think of it as revision Sat-Nav (minus the annoying voice commands).
Without it you’ll just end up in a field of cows somewhere.

PDF, 108kb

Free Download


Weekly Revision Timetable

Another planner? What’s this one for? A
different dimension? A parallel universe? No, it allows you to plan your revision for the
week ahead. Revision timetables help you break up your revision journey into manageable chunks.

PDF, 241kb

Free Download